Horizonte 2023 II

Gesconsult Renta Fija Horizonte 2023 II is a 3 year-maturity investment fund targeting conservative investors.

The fund has a wide diversified bond portfolio invested in developed countries. The portfolio is invested in corporate bonds denominated in euros from solid firms and with investment grade average rating. The fund will be able to invest a 25% in High Yield and may have a maximum currency risk of 10%.

It is a buy and hold portfolio, but the portfolio manager can make some changes in order to optimize the fund.

There will be compulsory redemptions of 0.5% from the net asset value of the fund on the following dates 27/12/21, 27/12/22 and 27/12/23 (or next business day) to investors from 31/03/21 inclusive, until the day before when redemptions must be executed. The amount must be paid the third business day. The amount will depend on NAV evolution and it is obtained from coupon payments.

*DISCLAIMER. The fund returns and the initial investment are not ensured, the investor could obtain losses. The scheduled payments are redemptions from the client’s investment, they do not match with the fund returns. The fund could also obtain losses even though the investor would receive the scheduled payments.

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Portfolio manager

Gonzalo Sánchez

Chief Investment Officer

More information

Class A: ES0138922028
Class I: ES0138922051

Launch date

Banco Caminos

Risk level

Subscription period open up to 31 March 2021.

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