Client support

In accordance with the regulations on transparency and client protection established by Law 44/2002, 22 November, RD 303/2004, 20 February and, in particular, by Order ECO/734/2004, 11 March, Gesconsult, S.A., SGIIC offers its clients a Client Support Department (hereinafter CSD) whose task is to attend to and resolve the complaints and claims of its clients.

Likewise, there is at the disposal of the clients a Regulation for the Defence of the Client that will regulate the activity of the CSD.

In order to make a complaint or claim, the client must first contact the owner of the CSD of Gesconsult, S.A., SGIIC:

Person in charge of Client Support area: JAVIER SIMÓN GARCÍA

Relevant Information:

Address: C/ PRINCIPE DE VERGARA 36, 6º DCHA., 28001, MADRID

Telephone: 915774931


In the form and terms established by the Order ECO/734/2004, of 11 March and, in second instance, once the CSD of Gesconsult, S.A., SGIIC has been used up, to the Commissioner for the Defence of Financial Services Clients of the CNMV:

Department of Investors of the CNMV
C/ Edison 4, 28006, Madrid.

Documents of interest

Claim Model

Regulations for the Defense of the Client

Order ECO 734-2004

Gesconsult SGIIC

 C/ Príncipe de Vergara 36, 6º dcha
 28001 Madrid
 Tel: +34 91 577 49 31

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Founded in 1987, Gesconsult is an asset management firm of collective investment institutions (SGIIC) registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

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We invest in companies we know in depth to obtain the highest return by prioritizing capital preservation and risk management.

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