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Founded in 1987, Gesconsult is one of the longest established asset management firms of collective investment institutions (SGIIC) in Spain. We have a team of experts and highly renowned professionals with an investment philosophy based on three pillars: flexibility, stock picking and independence. Over 30 years committed to providing value to our clients who invest with us through our funds.



We always strive for the best for the client and only for the client.

Long-term investment horizon

Team takes a long term approach in investment decisions.

Capital preservation

We prefer to obtain lower returns in order to mantain our clients wealth when there’s volatility in markets.


We aim to gain the trust of all our clients, beyond the assets invested with us.

Open Architecture

We commercialize third-party funds from many global asset firms.


Juan Lladó Fernández-Urrutia

Juan Lladó Fernández-Urrutia


Juan Lladó founded Finconsult, S.A. in 1984. His professional experience had previously been developed at Banco Urquijo, where he was appointed General Manager in 1968.

He then joined Banco Atlántico as CEO until 1975, when he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of INI (Instituto Nacional de Industria) and a member of the Board of Directors of Banco Exterior de España, Ensidesa and Saudi Bank España. In 1978 he was appointed CEO of Banco Internacional de Comercio, and subsequently advised the Bank of Spain and the Spanish Treasury on the privatisation of the Rumasa Group.

Juan Lladó holds a degree in Law from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1957), a degree in Economics from Universidad de Barcelona (1961) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Cambridge (1962).

Juan Lladó García-Lomas

Juan Lladó García-Lomas

Managing Director
Juan joined Gesconsult in 2020 after 25 years of experience in Financial Markets and Investment Banking.

He joins from ACF / StormHarbour where he created and led the Investment Banking team. Previously, Juan worked 11 years at Banco Santander, first as Global Director of Credit Markets and then as Global Director of Financial Institutions (FIG), being a member of the Wholesale Banking Management Committee in Europe. Previously, he worked 10 years at Deutsche Bank in London managing different trading teams.

Gonzalo Sánchez Crespo

Gonzalo Sánchez Crespo

Chief Investment Officer

Gonzalo Sánchez started his professional career at Gesconsult in 2011 as a financial analyst. Then, he was the head of the Iberian equity funds of the firm. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Investment Officer.

He started his professional career at Caja Madrid as an investment advisor after which he joined Banco Santander in the area of structured products.

Gonzalo has a degree in Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a Master’s degree in Portfolio Management from Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB). He is an EFA member of the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA).

Ignacio Crespo Bonachera

Ignacio Crespo Bonachera

Sales Director

Ignacio comes from Abante’s Institutional team where he has worked for the last 5 years, marketing the author funds and alternative funds. Previously he worked at Solventis where his activity was focused on the Institutional, Private Banking and Family Office client segments.

Prior to that, he spent 25 years at Ahorro Corporación where he successively held the positions of Director of the Equities Desk for two decades, and subsequently as Director of Institutional Relations, and then as Commercial Director of the group.

Álvaro Jiménez Cañestro

Álvaro Jiménez Cañestro

Global Equity Portfolio Manager

Álvaro Jiménez joined Gesconsult in January 2018 as an equity analyst. Currently, he is Global Equity Portfolio Manager.

Previously he worked at Andbank Wealth Management as a financial analyst where he performed macroeconomic analysis, investment fund analysis, portfolio advisory and asset allocation. He has also worked in the operations department of the same entity and in GAP Auditores as a financial auditor.

Álvaro has a degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Málaga and a Master’s degree in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets from IEB and the London School of Economics.

Alejandra Martínez Plaza

Alejandra Martínez Plaza

Fixed Income Manager

Alejandra joined Gesconsult in May 2021 as part of the Administration/Back-office. During her career she has worked in Intermoney Valores SV, CNP Partners and Aviva Vida y Pensiones, developing back office functions for pension plans and investment funds. She has experience in tax, accounting and investment back office.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and a Master in Stock Exchange and Financial Markets from the Instituto Europeo de Posgrado.

Gonzalo Hernández Gajate

Gonzalo Hernández Gajate

Private Equity Associate

Gonzalo joined Gesconsult in March 2021 as part of the Private Equity division. He actively collaborates in the analysis and execution of investments. Prior to that, he worked at two different Private Equity firms in Madrid: Sherpa Capital and Qualitas Equity Partners. Furthermore, he gained valuable experience in Investment Banking during his time at Credit Suisse in London.

Gonzalo holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (E2 Bilingual) from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE).

Fernando Moreno Villares

Fernando Moreno Villares

Investor Relations and Retail Business Development

Fernando Moreno has been part of Gesconsult’s Investor Relations and Business Development department since 2014, as head of retail clients.

He has a wide professional experience in the sector, having developed his professional work in Banco Gallego, as a premier banking manager and head of retail banking client management. Previously, he worked at Banco Argentaria, BBVA (Uno-e), as a personal banking consultant.

He has a degree in Business Studies from Ramón Carande University. He holds the Certificate in Financial Advice (CAF) from AFI.

Andrés Recuero del Val

Andrés Recuero del Val

Investor Relations and Business Development area

Andrés Recuero joins Gesconsult in October 2023 in the Investor Relations and Business Development area.

He has 2 years of experience at Orbyn, a company that provides advisory services in alternative investment, where he held the position of Investor Relations and Corporate Solutions.

Andrés is EFA level II Cadidate and has a Certificate of Higher Education in Administration and Finance.

Carlos Izquierdo Dones

Carlos Izquierdo Dones

Private Equity Analyst

Carlos joined Gesconsult in May 2024 as part of the Private Equity division. He actively collaborates in the analysis and execution of investments. Prior to that, he worked at AltamarCAM Partners in its Madrid office. Furthermore, he gained valuable experience in Asset Management and Equity Research teams at Renta4 Banco.

Carlos holds a Bachelor of Economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) with an international mobility at San Diego State University (SDSU).

Javier Simón García

Javier Simón García

Head of Compliance

Javier joined Gesconsult in 1991 as Head of the Administration department. He is currently the Head of the Compliance department. 

Previously, he worked at Privanza (BBVA Group) where he developed his professional career within the wealth management company.

Pedro Bernabeu Zornoza

Pedro Bernabeu Zornoza

Back-Middle Office department

Pedro joined Gesconsult in May 2023 in the Back-Middle Office department.

He began his professional career in the Operations area of Banco Inversis and has experience in audit and business consulting.

Pedro has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and a Master’s Degree in Financial Management and Planning from EAE Business School.

Maite Saiz Guerrero

Maite Saiz Guerrero

Back-Middle Office Department

Maite joins the Back-Middle Office department in February 2024.

She has previous experience in banking and insurance. She started as an intern at Mutua Madrileña in the operational risk department. Afterwards, she worked as a financial consultant at Banca March and A&G Private Banking, in the operations and bank reconciliation departments. 

She holds a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a Master’s in Banking and Financial Advisory from the Center for Financial Studies.

Ana Sánchez Romero

Ana Sánchez Romero

Office Manager

Ana joined Gesconsult in 2015, as Office Manager. She previously worked for Morgan Y Morgan Spain during 13 years as Secretary and Administrative.

Ana holds an Executive Assistant Certificate and a high level of English and Portuguese language.

Best Spanish Equity Fund 2021 & 2019

Morningstar Award to Gesconsult Renta Variable fund

Best National Asset Manager 2019

Community of Madrid - La Razón Award

Excellence Award 2015 in the Fund Management category

Award given by Dirigentes magazine to Gesconsult

Best European Asset Manager 2012 with 4-7 funds

European Funds Trophy

Best Equity Fund Manager 2012

Citywire Award to Gesconsult fund managers

Best Fixed Income Fund Manager 2012

Citywire Award to Gesconsult fund managers

Best European Asset Manager 2010 with 4-7 funds

Eurofonds – 2010 Award

Best Eurozone Fund 2010, 5-year timeframe

Lipper Award to Gesconsult León Valores fund

Best Eurozone Fund 2009, 5-year timeframe

Lipper Award to Gesconsult León Valores fund

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Founded in 1987, Gesconsult is an asset management firm of collective investment institutions (SGIIC) registered with the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

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We invest in companies we know in depth to obtain the highest return by prioritizing capital preservation and risk management.

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